September 15, 2009 Facebook announced that it had 300 million active users.(Quantcast estimates that 94.6 million Facebbok users are in the United States) Facebook has doubled active users since the beginning of January 2009. Remember that Facebbok began only in 2004. Facebook was originally only open to college students and for the first several years had a bland template that was eventually replaced by more creative design by the active users or audience.

General Growth

User Engagement
International Growth

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MySpace has been losing market share to Facebook during the past two years. Quantcast estimates that MySpace has 57.7 million users in the United States.

In general MySpace uses are younger, less affluent and have fewer college students than Facebook.

MySpace has cut some international offices.

MySpace hopes that a redesigned MYSpace Music and just purchased I Like in hopes of turning around the decline in users.

Called Qizmt, this internally

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