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TV reaches 98.9% of all US households in 2010 (Nielsen, 2010).

TV spending is expected to climb 6.3% in 2010, and 6.2% in 2011 (Aegis Group, March 2010).

tv ad revenue 2010

TVB’s Media Comparisons Study 2010 - explains why tv advertising is great.


SPOT TV AVERAGE TOP 100 Markets based on SRDS 2010 data:

Spot Television                             Cost 30 sec CPM

Early Morning (M-F)                    6,111             6.21
Daytime (M-F)                             7,235            7.35

Primetime (M-SUN)                   26,343          26.76 

Network Television SRDS 2010 data

Daytime (M-F) $12,100 for a 30 second ad, cpm average of $6.16

Primetime (M-Sun) $ 103,600 for a 30 second ad, cpm average of 19.74

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TV usage

TV watching and TV time shift are both up

tv time shift

33% of U.S. adult Internet users, or 58.9 million people, watch TV series online. Next year, the rate will rise to 39%. (Media Post, 2010)

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A bit of  TV Ad history

History of TV

A U. S. Television Chronology, 1875-1970

Fifty Years of Coca-Cola Television Advertisements

TV advertising began in 1941. Ad Age's History of Advertising Timeline describes it this way: "With 7,500 TV sets in New York City, NBC's WNBT begins telecasting July 1. The first TV spots, featuring a Bulova watch that ticks for 60 seconds, air as open- and close-time signals for the day's schedule."

Watch some Classic TV Ads

Saturday Morning Commercials - 1960s

TV Ads from the 1948-

Beer Ads

Cigarette Advertising on TV

Top 10 Jingles

Drew Babb Top 100- with agency info.

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