Target Marketing : Market Segmentation

How to define your target market 

Demographics - segmentating the market by age, gender, income, education.....

See some demographic stats on food - - Census data. Manipulate thousands of variables by zip code, city, state, TV market, US. etc.

Simmons Survey of Media and Markets estimates US consumer demographics

Scarborough Research

U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics- Consumer Expenditure Surveys-

Fuller versions of MRI and STAT USA are available at some libraries.

Psychographics -


Rock Fans Lead Action-Packed Lives According To Scarborough Research

Active Lifestyles of Rock Listeners Enable Advertisers to Tune In to Targeted Promotional Opportunities. 09.16.02

NEW YORK, September 16, 2002 - Rock fans lead action-packed lives, with adult rock* listeners attending entertainment/sporting events and participating in recreational sports at a rate well above the norm. According to the latest national radio format study from Scarborough Research, the nation's leader in local, regional and national consumer information, adult rock listeners are 84 percent more likely than the norm to engage in extreme sports (bungee jumping, sky surfing, etc.), 47 percent more likely to own a motorcycle and 12 percent more likely to own a personal watercraft or powerboat. They are also 53 percent more likely than average to play a team sport (softball, soccer, etc.).

When rock radio fans are not participating in sporting or entertainment events, they are attending them. The national study indicates that rock listeners are 45 percent more likely than the norm to attend CART, NASCAR, or Indy Racing/IRL events; 45 percent more likely than average to go to comedy clubs; and 31 percent more likely than the norm to attend professional sporting events. They are also 24 percent more likely than the average consumer to attend a movie within the first two weeks of its opening. Naturally, rock fans also enjoy seeing their favorite groups in person, with a quarter (25 percent) of rock listeners having attended a rock concert in the past 12 months.


VALS - segmentation by values, attitudes and lifestyles -


Behavior - See the impact of behavior on food -


Geographics- PRIZM


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