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History of Radio - Short history-

Industry Overview -


Facts about Radio from RAB  Marketing Guide, 2006-

  • Radio is selective, allowing you to zero in on the consumers most likely to buy your products and

services. Radio is portable, carrying your message to busy consumers wherever they are, 24-7. Radio is intrusive,

giving you the power to break through the ever-increasing media clutter. Radio is cost-efficient, so you can afford to

get the word out with the frequency necessary to reach and influence customers. Radio is intimate, helping you

connect to your customers and prospects on an emotional level ( RAB, 2004, p.3).

  • Radio Reaches 94% of all consumers every week and 75% of all consumer daily ( RAB, 2004, p.5-6)


Ratings- The top two radio markets are New York and LA. Boston is #9.

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Overview on formats -

Demographics on format -

chart highlights-

Check the three different formats and find out what is most popular on the playlist -


Top songs of the century-

Music demographics-


Advertising on Radio

Benefits of Synergy (using radio with other media buys) -

Perceptions of Radio advertising -


Radio for News and Talk -



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