Print Advertisement Assignment

You should create an original advertisement for am existing brand. You need to create original copy and layout for this brand.
You may use the existing product signature or a picture of the product or package. However the overall layout must be original.

In 4 to 5 typed pages answer in some detail EACH question on this outline. Please answer using the outline format provided.
Use the APA style sheet to cite sources. You must cite at a minimum 3 sources.
Cite the source Next to any quote, statistic, or other data that you would have not have normally known.


Name of Product/ Brand:

  1. Brief description of the product/ brand
  2. Brief description of competition
  3. Describe the Target Market in some detail
    A. Demographics

    B. Psychographics

    C. Behavior of Product buyer/ user

  4. Media Selected
    A. Justify why the media is appropriate

    B. Media Costs

    C. CPM

  5. Justification of copy or lack of copy (usually in terms of the target market and media choices)
    A. Headlines

    B. Body Copy

    C. Symbols/ Metaphors/ Figures of Speech

  6. Justification of layout/ design
    A. Overall layout

    B. Unity/ Balance/ Informal Balance

    C. Color/ Shape/ Symbols

  7. References used listed in APA format.

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