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March 8, 2017 (Washington, DC) – Out of home (OOH) advertising revenue rose 3.1 percent in 2016 compared to the previous year, accounting for $7.6 billion, based on figures released by the Outdoor Advertising Association of America (OAAA).

New Trends in Outdoor Advertising

Billboards That Look Back

Quividi makes "billboards with tiny cameras that gather details about passers-by — their gender, approximate age and how long they looked at the billboard. These details are transmitted to a central database. Behind the technology are small start-ups that say they are not storing actual images of the passers-by, so privacy should not be a concern. (Clifford, NYT, May 31,2008)"

Hypersonic Sound Marketing:Now Ads Will Talk To You Directly!

"Signalling the evolution from static billboard ads, the new marketing technique will reach out to audience in the most unimaginable way - hypersonic sound communication. Here, the marketing message is communicated to the target audience by delivering cryptic voice messages into their ears. Initiated at the source (a billboard, etc.), the sound is not audible under normal circumstances. However, when they bounce off an object like the human body, they are converted to audible sound in the immediate vicinity of the impact. Grocery stores in France, museums in certain places, and the A&E Television Network have already tested the technology with great success (Ad Punch, May 26, 2008)."

BBC America's Develop a Point of View Campaign win OBIE with text voting The OBIE Award is outdoor advertising's greatest honor and the BBC's interactive voting billboard in NYC's Times Square stole the show with three awards"

Top 10 Outdoor Advertising Categories (2016) (OAAA)

"Among the top revenue categories, those with the greatest growth increase in 2016 included Miscellaneous Local Services & Amusements 9.2 percent; Automotive Dealers & Services 6.8 percent; Financial 5.5 percent; Restaurants 4.7 percent; Government, Politics and Organizations 3.8 percent; and Public Transportation, Hotels and Resorts 2.7 percent. Top  Outdoor Brands (based on 2016 year-end outdoor expenditures)

Ranked in order of OOH spending, the top 10 advertisers in 2016 were McDonalds, Apple, Verizon, Geico, Anheuser-Busch, Sprint, Coca-Cola, American Express, Warner Bros Pictures, and HBO. McDonalds and Apple retained the top two positions for the fourth consecutive year."



Outdoor advertising uses strong visual imagery and short, bold copy. It reminds the audience, often before the
purchase about the product. It can be used to give directions, amuse a captive audience stuck in traffic, reinforce
a brand choice, offer advice, or boost civic pride.

There are several different types of outdoor advertising. Billboards, street furniture, transit and alternative outdoor


Billboards are either 30-sheet posters, 8-sheet posters or bulletins.
Thirty-Sheet posters
have are usually 12 ' x 25 ' with a copy area measuring 9'6" high x 21'7" wide. Eight-Sheet Posters (junior posters) are 6' x 12' in overall size with a copy area of 5' x 11'. Bulletins can be large, permanent or rotary advertising structures. Common sizes are 14' x 48', 20' x 60', and and 10'6" x 36'.

Street Furniture includes shelters, and posters in shopping center or in stores.

Transit ads are found on buses, trains and in airports. Hightail Displays are posters affixed to the upper portion of rear end of buses; copy area 15 ½" high x 63" wide. There are King Size Bus Posters that are affixed to the sides of public buses with a copy area of 27" high x 141" wide.

Alternative Outdoor includes adverts, billboards or spectaculars in sport statiums and other types of arenas.

Spectaculars are out-of-home structure built to specifications of one advertiser for use over a long
term. The copy is presented in a spectacular or out-sized fashion by using animation,
embellishments, special light effects, or 3D features.

Resources: Clear Channel information on rates,formats, and other details.


Outdoor advertising has a very low CPM when compared to other media.

Outdoor is best used to reinforce a geographic location ( the store is on Route1) or to remind the audience
of the brand.

Annual Average Daily Traffic (Annual ADT) -- Estimates of the total number of vehicles
passing a given location, based upon 24-hour counts taken over an entire year.

Frequency (and reach) in out-of-home media is normally
measured over a 30-day period.

Uses gross rating points or showings. A 40% showing means that 40% of the adult population of a
market is exposed to the the outdoor ad.



Short headline (3 to 7 words)

Little body copy

Clear contrast of colors

Easy to read Fonts

Use one big easy to understand idea



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