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MW 5:30-8:10

R 415


Dr. Gloria Boone Ridgeway 405
Communication and Journalism
Suffolk University
Boston, MA 02108

Office Hours: Monday & Wed. before class and by appointment.

Office: Ridgeway 405

Phone: 617-573-8501
Fax: 617-742-6982



Readings will be assigned from the Internet, the media, advertising and marketing journals.


Course Objectives:
  1. To provide an understanding of the key terms and concepts in advertising.
  2. To investigate the impact of target markets and market segmentation on advertising.
  3. To examine the social, economic, and cultural impact of advertising.
  4. To show how media buying choices offer constraints and opportunities for advertisers.
  5. To allow students to create, develop and justify a print advertisement.
  6. To have student teams research, create and present an advertising campaign.
Class Period Topic or Activity
  Schedule is subject to change
May 12 Introduction to the course.
Introduction to advertising communication and technology.

Advertising forecasts

Old and new exercise explained

Importance of Global brands

You are expected to keep up with Advertising and Marketing News


May 14 History and evolution of advertising.
Advertising history timeline

 The advertising agency -

May 19 Law & regulation 

Social & ethical issues

Census exercise

May 21 Old & new exercise due

The role and types of the  advertising agencies

Consumer persuasion: behavior, decision, learning, perception,

persuasion & influence

May 26 Memorial Day Holiday
May 28 Target market and market segmentation
Demographics,VALS2, Prizm

Advertising research

Census exercise due

June 2 Creative strategy and appeals


Print Ad assignment explained

June 4

Layout & design

In class creativity exercise

Print media

June 9

Media Planning

Average CPM's Internet advertising

June 11 Broadcast media

TV ads

Radio Ads

June 16


Print Ad Presentations with Market / Print Media Analysis Paper

The Advertising Plan
Group Campaign explained

June 18 Out-of-home, sales promotion, evaluation of campaigns

Outdoor Advertising

Political Ads

Group meeting

June 23 International advertising

direct response

June 25

Group presentations

June 27 Final Exam

Test (100 points) Objective questions, matching, T&F, short answers

Blog (75 points) posts on news and commentary

Old and New exercises (25 points)
Census Exercise (25 points)

Original Print Advertisement with Market / Media Analysis Paper- 3 pages (100 points)

Advertising Campaign (125 points total)

Ad Campaign Presentation (25 points)
Campaign Paper of  5 pages per person (100 points)

Participation (25 points)

Total (500 points)



General Notes:

  1. ALL papers must be typed. Both content and style will be graded.
  2. Sources must be cited using the American Psychological Association (APA) format.
  3. Use the APA guidelines in formatting any paper.
  4. Assignments must be handed in ON TIME. A late penalty will be applied.
  5. Academic dishonesty is morally repugnant. As noted in the Suffolk University. Student Handbook, plagiarism or cheating will result in failing the course and possible dismissal from school.


A 450 B- 400 D+ 350
A- 437 C+ 387 #9; D 325
B+ 425 C 375 D- 300
B 412 C- 362 F below 300



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