Advertising Research by Gloria Boone

Suffolk University - if you are a student at Suffolk University you should use the databases that are available both on and off campus.

General Business and Management -

Business Research Guides from Suffolk Library Sawyer staff

General Advertising Industry

Advertising Age- - The trade publication for the advertising industry. Advertising, trends, top advertisers, account information and issues related to advertising. Special reports on 100 Leading National Advertisers and Interactive Age.

Advertising World- University of Texas Austin list of advertising and marketing links.

AdRants-  A blog on current events, issues, campaigns in the advertising industry

Advertising History

Ad Flip-



General Business

CEOExpress- Best list of Business, Financial and Media links. Newspapers and Magazines like: Wall Street Journal, Barons, Forbes, Fortune, Business Week are helpful. Online sources like Bloomburg and CNNfn are very good.

USA Trade Online has statistics and other information on U.S. business, economic and trade.

Company Market Share / Rankings

Market Share Reporter-Gives market share for some products and industries. REF HF5410 .M35

World Market Share Reporter -Available at some libraries.Ref X HF 5410 W67

Super Brands - This is a special issue of Brand Week and covers 2000 brands in over 20 categories giving such information as market share and advertising expenditure. REF HF 5827. S9


Industry Information

Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) - Industries organized by industrial codes.

Current Industrial Report (CIR) -


Advertising Agencies

Ad Agency News- and

Standard Directory of Advertisers or the "Red Book."- Ref HF 509 A295

Adweek Agency Directory -Ref X HF 5805 A2

Adweek Client/Brand Directory - Ref x HF 509 A295


Annual Reports

Annual reports usually provide an overview of the company, its financial data, some marketing data and other information.
Over 2,200 Annual Reports and covers the majority of the Fortune 500


 Advertising and Marketing Dictionary of Terms dictionaries of terms and phrases that occur in advertising and marketing reports.


Advertising Budgets

LNA Ad \$ Summary- company and brand listing of dollars spent on advertising in ten media. Ref X HF 5801 A18

Standard Directory of Advertisers or the "Red Book." Data on companies that spend a over \$200,000 on advertising per year. Lists company name, address, products, advertising expenditures, key personnel, and advertising agency .Volumne 1 has major industry groups and Volume 2 has information on Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) code and state. Ref HF 509 A295

Advertising Ratios & Budgets- Online summary of some ad ratios to sales


Company Research

Corporate Information - Free research on public, private, domestic, and some foreign companies. Search over 350,000 profiles. The site includes Message Boards, over 15,000 Research Reports. Some profiles are available in French and in Spanish.

Hoover's Online - - Companies and Industry information on over 50,000 companies.

Standard and Poor's Register of Corporations-Ref X HG 4057 A4

Boston Business Journal - Book of Lists- Ref x HF 3163 .B6 B66 local companies, sales, rankings.... Some information online-


Parent Company/ Affiliates

see Hoover's Online.

Directory of Corporate Affiliations - Ref X HG 4057 A217


Company History/Brand

Companies and their Brands - Ref X5030 A255

Encyclopedia of Consumer Brands - brand history, key people, marketing strategies, advertising history for the most popular brands.

International Directory of Company Histories - Over 3,400 companies includes in this multivolume set.


Financial Data

Many Colleges have Value Line or Disclosure or World Scope. Enter the company name and get a print out of Financial data.

CEOExpress- look at financial markets such as AMEX, Nasdaq, NYSE or Business links like CorpFinet, Financial Data Finder,FinWeb or check out market news on BigCharts, CBS Marketwatch, Money Central, Quicken, Real Time Quotes, Upgrades & Downgrades,Yahoo Finance, Int'l: Canadian Companies or Worldly Investor. Another option is to check some of the free information from the online investor services like Ameritrade, Datek, DLJ Direct, E*Trade, Fidelity, Schwab, or Merrill Lynch

US Security and Exchange Commission-


Target Marketing

Overview-How to Identify a Target Market and Prepare a Customer Profile



Simmons Market Research Bureau (SMRB) Studies of Media and Markets. Older versions available at college libraries. The last National Consumer Survey was based on over 25,000 data books and interviews. The analysis provides demographic data, users and heavy user data, and media usage for a wide variety of consumer products. Their database has over 8,000 brands in 400 product categories. Some college libraries have Simmons data that is a few years old. An excellent set of instructions on how to use the Simmons Choices II are presented by Professor Hairong Li of Michigan State University Department of Advertising are at For Choices III see-

MRI -database at the Sawyer Library. Mediamark Research- Topline Reports. Demographic and some psychographic data on a variety of industries.

EASI Quick Reports & Analysis - - Census data. Manipulate thousands of variables by zip code, city, state, TV market, US. etc.

 EASI offers a free section that provides access to census data and other reports. It has a useful search function. Search by city, state, zip code, economic area, area code, region, US, TV market. Get reports on 100 Significant variables, Summary Data, Population, Age, Sex, Race Ethnicity, Owner or Renter of Home, Education, Employment, Quality of Life, etc. After you select the criteria for the search, press go, when the next page comes up scroll Down pass the fee based reports to the free reports and then narrow your search some more.

Statistical Abstract of the United States - statistics on demographic, economic, social , political and some general consumer data.

US Census Bureau -



SRDS Lifestyle Market Analyst 2003-at Sawyer Library-lifestyles data on interests,attitudes and consumer spending.

Gallup Poll- Surveys and polling data on political, social and some consumer topics.

See other online souces for psychographic information:



Claritas has created the PRIZM (NE) and Micro Vision system to analyze the geographic segments in the United States. and click on free stuff to see a report by USA Today. Check out your towns clusters.


See an example of PRIZM Clusters- see the over sixty Clusters based on zip code, buying power, demographics and many other variables. The clusters range from elite suburbs like Blue Blood Estates to the rustic living of poor Hard Scrabble segments.

CACI- uses the Community Tapestry system to present geographic and demographic groupings. CACI examined over 226,000 neighborhoods in the US and then divided the nation into 65 segments. Read ACORN in the USA-

Examine your local ACORN zipcode segment:


Consumer Spending

Consumer Expenditure Surveys-



VALS- values,attitdes, lifestyles help form the motivations and resources for the different segments. See the model: Take the VAL2 survey- See how VALs has been applied to Japan -


 Media Research

Standard Rate and Data Service (SRDS). Circulation and advertising rates for Business Publications, Consumer Magazines, Direct Marketing, Hispanic Media & Market, Newspapers,Out of Home Advertising, Radio, Interactive Media, TV and Cable. Some libraries only have some of this multi-set publication.

MRI online- manipulate some media data online-

Bacons- useful media news, media and public relations directories. Some great links to other PR sources. Media directories at many local libraries.

See EASI- TV market data.

A.C.Nielsen - - Internet and Media Research. View the press releases by country. Also see Consumer Insight their news publication

Editor and Publisher - general media information

Media Kits are available from many newspapers and magazines. See