Why Census data matters

Ad Age article on Census trends

Census Data

2005 data

Data from 2001                            

Educational Attainment of the Population 25 Years and Over
Percent of Population with a Bachelor's Degree or More.
United States         25.1%
Massachusetts        34.9%
West Virginia          14.1%
Percent of population speaking a language other than English United States           17.6%
California                 39.5%
Massachusetts          18.6 %
West Virginia             2.2 %
Median Value of owner-occupied housing units United States       $ 120,530
California            $ 216,063
Massachusetts     $ 192,694
West Virginia      $   72,214
Median Household Income (in 2000 inflation-adjusted dollars) United States         $41,343
New Jersey           $ 54,226
Massachusetts        $49,505
West Virginia         $28,569
Percent of People Below Poverty Level United States            12.5%
New Hampshire         6.1%
Massachusetts           9.9 %
Louisiana                  20.3 %



Census Exercise

1. Select a population segment (teens, seniors, unmarried partners, people with a certain income...)
2. Look up the Census, demographic, and marketing data on this group.
3. Write your paper about how trends in this demographic group will impact advertising and marketing .
      A. Have an Introduction with a Thesis and a Preview
      B. Note any demographic trends that are appearing for this group.
      C. What imapcts will this trend have on marketing and advertising?
4. Cite souces. Use APA style. 2 typed pages.

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