Introduction to Social Media

Communicative Informatics by Gallant and Boone 2008

2013 US Digital Year in Review by ComScore

9 of every 10 people online in the US now visit a social media site.

Belong to a social media site: (PEW, 2010)


Time Spent Online (ComScore Feb. 2011)

Portals 20.2%

Social Media 14.4 (up 3.8%)

Entertainment 12.6%

Email 11%

Globally, women spend 30% more time on social networking sites than men. Women average
5.5 hours per month compared to men's 4 hours. [Source: ComScore, July 2010]

Follow the Money

Global uses


Social Media Class -Gloria Boone

Born Digital

The Digital World of Millennials

PR Filter article

Content Strategy Before Social Strategy

Digital 100


Social Media Example

Ultimate Dog Tease

Andrew Grantham




May 4th- CBS top story!

more on Andrew

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